Demolition Service

Our specialties include complete demolition, selective demolition and concrete saw cutting.  We can demolish any type of structure or building – from interior gut outs/strip outs to total exterior demolition.  We serve the residential, commercial and industrial communities and we are fully compliant with OSHA, Air Quality, and all local and state regulations.

We are proud members of the National Demolition Association.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Total Structural Demolition
This type of demolition completely removes the residential, industrial or commercial structure.

Selective/Precision Demolition
This type of demolition involves the targeted removal of select portions of the building while preserving the integrity of the overall structure.  This method is frequently used for historic preservations and remodels.

 Interior Demolition
This form of demolition involves removing non-structural items in preparation for remodeling or upgrading the space.  Many times, interior walls, floors or ceilings are removed to create a new floor plan or house flow.

Dismantling with purpose! This process actually involves a more intensive method designed to retain and recycle materials from the demolition.  While a bit more time-consuming and labor intensive, the environmental impact of deconstruction is far less than traditional demolition. Building materials are repurposed, landfill fees are minimal and the process is environmentally friendly.

Much of the building material from a demolition project can be reused, recycled, or salvaged. The remainder of the debris is disposed of in a permitted landfill.

Because demolition is one of the most regulated industries, we navigate the process so you don’t have to!  We pre-plan your demolition project to help minimize the environmental impact and to help stage the area for rehabilitation and revitalization.  Best demolition practices lead to a healthy, greener outcome.

Demolition requires an experienced crew that understands a variety of techniques that are used to complete complicated projects.  We promise to deliver the best demolition value using safe procedures and experienced personnel.  Mitch Contracting adheres to all state and federal regulations and will acquire permits for any project, whether residential, industrial, or commercial. You can rest easy knowing your project will be completed by an experienced company with 100 years of experience!

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