In a scene from the early 1900’s. Crouch-Mitch House Movers of Asheville demonstrated that no project was too difficult if you had the proper horsepower.

House Moving Service

Crouch-Mitch House Moving Co. has been family owned since the beginning of the company in 1918. The current president of the company is Emory Mitchell Jr., a fourth generation owner.

We are also proud members of IASM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why move a house or structure?

Most houses are relocated for road expansion or development, but there are many other reasons you might want to consider this option. Want to preserve your existing home or building but need more room? Want rental income or a guest house? Just want a change of scenery? Recently, there has been a trend in moving existing homes while building new structures or additions. On occasion, houses may need to be relocated because of hazardous situations in steep, mountainous terrain or because of mud and land slides. Whatever the reason, we can help!

What are the advantages of moving a house?

GO GREEN! According to the International Association of Structural Movers, relocating a structure is the worlds´ oldest and largest recycling industry. This process is environmentally friendly because it does not require the massive quantity of wood and wood products used in a newly constructed home. The costs associated with a house move are generally 25-75% less expensive than the construction of a new home. Building a new home can take months or even years. Moving and set up of a relocated home is much quicker.

Can my house be moved?

Any type of structure can be moved: masonry, wood frame, log or metal buildings, residential, commercial, or industrial. Size and material do not matter. We can move it.

Where can you move my house?

Just about anywhere topography allows. We must take into account road width, length and slope, utility lines, bridges and overpasses, outlying buildings, trees, fences and stationary mailboxes (concreted, rocked, bricked) and so on. We obtain the appropriate structural move permit from the state department of transportation.

Our longest house move?
Cocoa Beach, Florida to Franklin, North Carolina – Over 600 miles!

How do you move a house?

Moving a structure requires an extensive amount of physical work, equipment and engineering. In a nutshell the process goes like this. The structure is placed on steel beam supports, lifted off the foundation using hydraulic jacks, loaded onto dollies (wheels) and then hauled to the new location.

Can my house be damaged during the move?

There could be minor damage to the home such as hairline cracks, damage to guttering, eaves or shingles.

What kind of preparations need to be done to the house?

Several steps need to be taken before we start to move your home. You or a qualified contractor will need to disconnect water, sewer, heating/cooling and utility lines. In some cases, porches, chimneys, overhangs or garages may also need to be removed.

Do I need any special permits to move a house?

There are special permits necessary to move a house over state and/or city roads. We take care of this process for you.

Can you move other structures?

Yes, we can and have moved many other structures. Some examples are: 28 foot satellite dishes, 100,000 gallon fuel barrels, train cars, heavy industrial equipment and monuments.

Raising, Shoring and Leveling - Why should I do this?

A house or structure may need to be raised due to settlement problems, to replace cracked or damaged foundations, or to raise and shore the structure in a flood plain. Need more square footage or want to increase the value of your home? Create additional space by adding a basement.


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